How to make money on Twitch in 2021?

How to make money on Twitch in 2021?

In recent years, gaming has been one of the more benefitted industries when it comes to platforms like Youtube, where videogames are a popular topic. However, specialization is one of the main features of the internet!

Twitch came to be the place where gamers from over the world gather to show their skills and have a good time chatting with friends and followers. But how do they profit from it? How can you make money from Twitch?

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The gaming industry has experienced exceptional growth in the last 5 years. The evolution of social media and the improvement of the infrastructure of the internet services have made it possible to stream live your daily hobby from the comfort of your house. Opening a new business niche where the younger generations are thriving socially and economically.

The eSports are booming, and the Amazon-owned is at the center of this explosion of videogames streaming. It generates extraordinary traffic of content, merchandise, and advertisement. And the public it reaches is vast, as well as more diverse in ethnicity, age, and preferences day by day. Streaming videogames to earn money on Twitch is something that requires few things to start. It doesn’t need any kind of formal education, meaning that it can be done by anyone. However, doing it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to become an influencer on such an enormous platform or that you will succeed.

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But don’t worry, if your plan is to stream your gameplay to make a profit from it, you don’t need to be the most popular gamer out there to do so! There are a lot of game genres, and many of them have a devoted public who will look for its content, whether for fun or competitive gaming.

The reason why Twitch is out-competing the videogame streaming market is that they offer the best deals in terms of profit for content creators. Additionally, its user interface is specially designed to make the streaming a fun experience, thus making it more attractive than any other platform. Below you will find the two main ways in which streamers earn money on Twitch. How does Twitch work for streamers?

Like most social media platforms, Twitch is an open and free network to stream and watch content of any kind. Of course, always that it doesn’t break its internal rules of content, copyright, language, violence, and some others.

After creating a free account, you can start streaming the content of your choice. From this point, you must consider that your popularity depends on some crucial factors. Some of them are:

• Your gaming ability
• Other social media popularity
• And what’s your target audience, according to the games you will be displayed on your channel.
When you’ve met a specific requirement, you become a Twitch Affiliate.

Twitch Affiliate

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Twitch affiliates are at the first level of the two programs offered by the platform. These are a requirement to be considered a worthy content creator and marks the moment where you can start profiting from your work.

Any person below this level will not receive any kind of payment since the conditions to become an affiliate are not that difficult. The conditions are:
• Stream a minimum of 8 hours in the last 30 days
• Stream on at least 7 days in the last 30 days
• Have at least 3 viewers per stream
• Have a minimum audience of at least 50 people.
As you can see, this is an affordable threshold for anyone to meet. Inviting your friends and family can be a good starting point to grow your audience and promote yourself on other social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Obviously, you must aim to grow your numbers to attract the attention of more people. It’s crucial to gain popularity to earn something from your views alone. Luckily, this is not the only mechanism Twitch offers to profit. Becoming an Affiliate enables the options of receiving Twitch Bits and Subscriptions from regular users.

Twitch Bits are the currency used within the platform. Users can buy bits from Twitch using Amazon Payments or PayPal and use them to interact with streamers. Streamers collect them as tokens to later be transformed into money; every Bit is valued in 1 cent of US dollars.

Twitch offers discounts to larger purchases of Bits, the maximum being a 12% discount for the purchase of 25000 Twitch Bits. Streamers can set minimums to the usage of Bits in the chat rooms to avoid the spamming of certain users since some Bits interactions allow to deliver messages with sound to the streamer.

Twitch Subscriptions are the principal tool for making money on Twitch for most streamers, if not all. Twitch Subs is the way that your community supports you directly; the lower subscription is set at 5$, and the top tier being 25$.

Money from subscriptions is split in 50/50 between Twitch and the channel owner, which is the best deal in the market. These subs grant users premium access to remotes and other features that can be defined by every streamer, like ad-free viewing and badges, among many other things. Subscriptions are monthly based, and users can subscribe for a month or more to the channel of their preference. There’s also the possibility to gift subscriptions to other users.

Twitch Partners

Twitch Partners is the second and highest level of the two programs offered. It allows creators to improve their earnings of the subscriptions share, as well as receiving extra features like earning commissions on product sales like videogames.

However, unlike the Affiliate program, Partnership is not obtained by meeting a particular level of audience or views since it is not automatically assigned. To become a Twitch Partner, you must be a content creator who offers fresh and original material on trending games or activities that draw the attention of a considerable amount of people.

Twitch is watching their most-viewed channels closely and the most surging ones to portrait them as part of their community values and content quality. Platform’s top streamers are in the Partners program and are the ones profiting the most from it, some of them making millions a year. There’s no guideline to become a partner, but roughly some of the following requirements need to be met:

• Stream frequently: The more popular you are, the more hours you should dedicate to your broadcasts. It doesn’t mean you must be streaming non-stop, but you can’t be just casual either. With 3 streams a week, it’s supposedly enough for the frequency requirement. Also, you should stream at a determined hour, so your audience can schedule your broadcast on their daily routines.

• Get above the average viewers’ count: Although there’s no threshold for the number of viewers needed, you need to be above the average number of viewers for a streamer in the affiliate program. Additionally, you will be more pressured to interact with your audience directly while broadcasting and also off-stream when using other social media platforms.

• Create quality content: Naturally, your content must be one of the best on the platform to be worthy of a Twitch Partner. It must be original, creative, and entertaining that enough people are willing to enjoy it every time you stream.

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Twitch Partners can profit from sales made from links in their channel, like games, in-game items, and other merchandise like T-shirts of the game he’s playing. Whatever item people buy from links on the partner screen, he will receive a 5% commission of all the sales made that way.

Partners also have the choice to run ads on their streams, although this is not a popular option since almost no one likes ads. However, if they choose to run the ads, they must be at least 8 minutes apart from each other and range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Every ad has a different cost, so the more expensive the ad, the more money the partner will get.

Because this is a Partner feature, many Twitch Partners prefer to not run any ads on their streams. Being a Partner means that you are popular enough to rely on your other sources of income and not bother your viewers with annoying ads.

Off-site earnings

In addition to all the explanations above, there are some other ways to make money on Twitch. Some of them depend on your popularity on social media, and others depend on your skills as a salesman. The good news is that none of these methods have to be shared with Twitch and go entirely to your bank account. These methods are:

• Get donations from subscribers: Donations are another way users have to support their favorite streamers. Unlike the channel subscription that is shared evenly between Twitch and the streamer, Donations are made directly to the streamer to a private account like PayPal or Patreon. Streamers just need to attach their preferred site to receive donations to the main screen of their twitch channel for getting the money.

• Get affiliate links: Affiliate marketing is one of the main ways a Twitch streamer can generate income. This involves being part of an affiliate program aside from Twitch’s and selling their products through a link that you can attach to your stream screen. Any sell made through that link will generate earnings. Amazon itself runs an affiliate program that many streamers use to boost their income. They can sell videogames, merchandise, gadgets, posters, pc components, and many other articles.

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• Start merchandising: If your channel is popular enough and you have at least a small number of die-hard fans, you can consider making some original t-shirts, caps, or anything you’d like to sell. Obviously, this is not possible for someone who just arrived and started streaming. No one would buy t-shirts from an unknown person, but if you can call yourself an influencer, this is an excellent way to raise money!

• Get sponsors: One of the best deals an influencer can get is to be sponsored by a company. Sponsorships offer a considerable opportunity to increase earnings in cash, but also by getting gifts. Many hardware companies give computer parts, clothes, and gadgets like headsets or webcams to streamers, valued in hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Once again, this is not something that would happen to some newcomer on Twitch. In many cases, it’s better to be an enthusiastic and funny streamer than the best pro gamer in the world. Because sponsoring companies often select people who can influence the decision-making of their audience.

• Participate in tournaments: On the contrary, if you are a better player than a seller, you can choose to participate in competitions and try to win money that way. And later, explain your tactics and methods on your stream, showing highlights and doing more educational content for people eager to learn how to be better at the game. This is not very common since most players who are good enough to beat Pro-players are Pro-players themselves, and not every pro has time to stream on Twitch for money, nor does the need to do so.

As you can see, Twitch has a lot of options when it comes to earning money. Whether with your stream view counts and subscriptions or via selling merchandise, it really offers several options and the best deals out there for this new profession.

For years, our parents told us that no one would pay us for playing videogames, and finally, you can say that it is not possible! The internet has come to change that stereotype! And now that you know how to make money on Twitch, it’s your time to start streaming your future out!

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